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There is no Taboo in Taste

I have always been fascinated by beauty in all its expressions, I refer to artistic, musical, pictorial and design beauty, for this reason I am always looking for new techniques and new stimuli to be able to transfer them into my world, that of Chocolate in my art. .

With this line of products I wanted to transfer all my art and tradition of chocolate to a niche sector where still few have decided to focus, we now live in a time where the uniqueness of the person is a value and not something to be ashamed of, this product interprets with my art an object that for centuries has represented pleasure, without distinction of sex, age, culture.

Precisely for this audience I have created a line of products inspired by art and pleasure, the real one, the intimate one that of surprising and having a laugh!




All shipments will be made by New Decors Art srl

The sender of the shipment will be indicated in the transport document.

The images are for the sole purpose of representing the product.

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